What mistake or mistakes in kendo have I learnt from? (or: The time I forgot about mitori-geiko)

The single mistake in kendo from which I have learnt recently is to do with not having a routine.

No rocket science with this one.

In essence, the mistake I made was after the first SKC3s Tournament when I stopped going regularly. If ever there was something to prove the vacuum principle, this was it. The “vacuum work” principle states that if there is available space, there will be an increase in work load to fill that space. So, applied to my situation, I stopped going to training regularly and the result was that work (in this instance PhD work as well as school work) grew to fill the void.

In kendo there is what is called mitori-geiko. This is learning and progressing by watching the keiko of others. During the process, one evaluates the strong and weak points of their example. When I was injured, instead of training, and therefore exacerbating my injury, I should have attended the dojo for the sake of others. Thinking about it now, I could have simply watched and given feedback (despite being a kyu grade) or I could have taken my camera and taken some photos. In the spirit of mitori-geiko, my presence could have been an encouragement to others. I may not have been training but there could have been an instance where in being at training – even if I didn’t actually train – was helpful to a newcomer to the club because I was a familiar face.

It was a mistake. I stopped going to kendo training regularly, despite in my head I was thinking all the time “the sport I play is kendo”. It is not a mistake I am going to make again.


~ by timothyscott on 1 September, 2011.

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