2011 Kendo Redux (1)

It has been a while since I posted about specific training experiences on this blog.

About 6 months in fact.

A little embarrassing – more so when this equates to the same amount of time I have been away from training. With all the best intentions in the world, I started this year with the desire to “make a comeback”. It has not happened. This seems to be my lot with Kendo for the past year or so. It tracks back to when my routine for training was disrupted by a mid-foot sprain following the first SKC3 Tournament. In one sense this raises the interesting point about how important it is to keep to routine and to make sure, as I once posted, that if you don’t feel like going to Kendo, you go to Kendo anyway. Unfortunately, I have not been heeding my own advice. It has resulted in what I thought would happen… any little excuse made it possible for me to miss training and now I feel right out of it.


While training was not on this evening, the club’s Annual General Meeting most certainly was. I attended in order to support my club. I also thought it would be a good way of getting 2011 Kendo Redux underway!

That said, I have been posting on this blog. I’ve been attempting to meet the challenge set down by WordPress.com in relation to making one post to my blog per week (at least anyway). The topics that have been covered between the last time I posted on training experiences and the like and now are responses to suggested topics – admittedly, they have been ‘altered’ so they are appropriate for a blog about kendo.

Anyway, with Saturday morning training out of the picture this week due to a petting zoo visiting my daughter’s preschool, and parents having to go along, I will have to wait one more week before getting back into bogu and enjoying the sport that is Kendo.


~ by timothyscott on 15 September, 2011.

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