Kendo 2011 Redux (2)

So, last week was the Sydney Kendo Club’s AGM.

This week saw me back in bogu and back at training.


For the most part, I felt relaxed and in control of my kendo. After the warm-up (including 100 hayasuburi), training started with kiri-kaeshi. It included men kiri-kaeshi as well as do kiri-kaeshi. Once we completed several rounds of this we moved to kihon-waza. In particular, there was a focus on men but also kote-men cuts. My favourite technique (of the moment, at any rate) was also something we looked at. That is, harai-waza. In particular, harai-men was practised.

I will admit, towards the end, I had to stop. We are fighting colds at home at the moment and with 20 minutes to go, I suddenly felt quite light headed. On the advice of my sensei I took off my men and sat out jigeiko. However, all in all it was a good night’s training and it was great to finally get back to it. I had had a very positive session with my PhD supervisor only a couple of hours before, my sister had given birth to her second child (a baby boy) several hours before that so it ended up being an excellent way of finishing up the day!

Saturday’s training will be missed this week on account of being in Canberra for a conference at ANU but next Wednesday is not that far away!!


~ by timothyscott on 22 September, 2011.

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