Kendo culture – in 300 words, what are the five things you love about it?

  1. Camaraderie  – Camraderie in Kendo is always amazing! Last night, as I was lining up to thank our sensei for training, the kendoka in the queue ahead of me turned around and said “Hi Tim! Nice to see you again. It’s been a while. How have you been?” There was a sense of never having even left. In the second dojo after training, the group just chatted about a whole range of things – the Rugby World Cup match that was on TV at that time to how my PhD was going to what NOT to do when you play against someone who is playing jodan.
  2. Physicality – Kendo is a physical sport – and it’s fun. I am not massively into sports and so to be into something like kendo has meant that I am taking an active interest in my physical health and well-being. This is definitely a good thing!
  3. History, philosophy and heritage – Descended from the art of swordsmanship practiced by the samurai, Kendo has a strong sense of history and a great philosophy behind it. Its history, philosophy and heritage are at the centre of its practice.
  4. Different – When people ask me “What do you play?” or “What sport do you do?”, they are surprised. I quite like that; it fits with my character I guess!
  5. A martial art – I have been attracted to martial arts for as long as I can remember. I started with Karate, many years ago. I trained for a year or two with Goju-kai Karate. I really enjoyed it but it was too difficult to manage in competition with compulsory school sport on a Saturday. My interest in martial arts and all things Japan continued, however, and it was not too long before I was wondering whether it was possible to practice Kendo in Sydney.

~ by timothyscott on 29 September, 2011.

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